Play music thanks to Javascript

This is a tiny app that aims at giving a glimpse of what you could do with the Javascript Web Audio API. It will convert a music tablature and plays it in your browser.

The only supported format comes from this blog. Check out for a song you like, copy its tablature in the form down below, and click play :). We also pre selected a few songs if you just want to see how it sounds.

WARNING: We advise you to lower the volume, especially if you're using a headset or earphones. Some notes, oftenly very high ones when they are played along with some other notes, may produce very unpleasant sounds.
Our pre selected songs should not contain such notes, however some will still be dissonant.

You may convert the audio track to JSON if you want to use it for yourself. If you want to learn more about it, you may read our article explaining how to use the Web Audio API to play music.

Preset Songs